School Services Division

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Mobile Testing

Put Us to the Test at Your School

  • Streamlined preparatory arrangements
  • Certified and enthusiastic audiometric techs
  • Minimal time out-of-the-classroom
  • Clean and well-lighted test environment
  • Same day reports
  • Year-round professional resource
“We’re pulling for every student every time we push the test button!”

The Ability to Hear Helps the Ability to Learn!
  • HHearing loss is an obstacle to learning.
  • EEarly identification leads to solutions.
  • AAwareness prompts timely intervention!
  • RResults that really matter – for a lifetime!
Audiology and School Professionals partner to provide hearing screening tests that will identify students who may have a hearing loss condition. These students (case-by-case) then benefit from a protocol of medical/professional interventions intended to avoid or eliminate hearing loss as an obstacle to learning.
“Thank you so much for your professionalism. Each school had glowing remarks. We look forward to
contracting your services next year!”
MW – District Student Services Technician