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Parents / Students


Your son/daughter may be a student at a school that engages our professional on-site (mobile van) services to administer hearing screening tests as mandated by the California Education Code. Simply stated, this program recognizes the importance of


Students participating in the hearing screening test enter a sound controlled environment where each student is fit with a headset and is instructed to respond each time he/she hears a tone.

Although much more scientific, the presentation of tones is similar to increasing or decreasing the volume on a radio. This screening procedure is designed to identify those who do not hear the tone at a specified volume level, which may indicate a measure of hearing loss.

Based on the student’s responses, the hearing test determines a “Pass” or “Fail” or “Could not Condition” result.

Pass: Tested favorably in response to all tones
Fail: Tested and confirmed no response to tones at or below a specified threshold level
CNC: Could not confirm valid responses

Note, the term “fail” more correctly suggests the importance of further evaluation if the student’s hearing condition has not been recently evaluated or is not satisfactorily understood. The same may apply to a “CNC” result.

Any Questions?

Each school has a designated representative who can address the specifics of any follow-up recommendations or concerns you may have relative to your son/daughter having participated in the hearing screening program.


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