School Services Division

2945 Bell Road #122
Auburn, CA 95603

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School Administrator Information


Scope of Services

“Our students were greeted by friendly audiometrists/technicians, who gave simple, easy to understand directions. No one on the van was singled out for not passing the initial screening and none of the other students were aware of who needed a threshold test. Little preparation was needed prior to the testing, and results were provided to us on the same day.” – VF, District Nurse


Coordinating the Preparatory Arrangements

  • Complete and return the Service Agreement
  • Provide the identity of all the school locations
  • Provide school-by-school contact person/phone
  • Schedule all the schools, location-by-location, on mutually agreeable dates/times
    • Determine start time for each location
    • Inform each school contact person of the test date and start time
  • Confirm the arrangements as the scheduled date approaches

Reserve Parking Space For Test Van

  • 27-foot mobile test van (approximately the length/size of 2 parking spaces)
  • A quiet location relatively close to the flow of participants going to/from the test van
  • Electrical access to a dedicated 110 volt outlet with a 20 amp capacity

On The Test Day

  • Note, the test van/technicians will arrive well in advance of the assigned start time
    • Parking and set up
    • Audiometric equipment calibration
    • The test van is equipped to test 8 students at-a-time
  • Provide a roster checklist of the participating student’s names for each class
  • A school liaison person is responsible to coordinate getting the students from the classroom to the test van and back
  • Ideally, one entire classroom of students will arrive and gather adjacent to the test van, ready to be tested in a rotation of groups of 8 students

At The Close of the Day

  • You will receive a written summary of the test results including:
    • Statistical tally of students’ results by category of hearing condition
    • Formal notice specific to any case-by-case follow-up responsibilities

Accessible – Year-Round

  • Audiology resources
  • Follow-up inquiries/clarification
  • Pre-planning for the next annual schedule

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